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Irani Paplet Fish Food Leather Jacket

Brand: Niwan Seafood

All Prices are per KG based on the Pre-cutting weight of the Fish. The Net weight after cutting depends on the type of Cutting as every cutting has different net yields.

Rs. 683.00
  • NIWAN991

  • Karachi Only

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Irani Paplet Fish Food Leather Jacket

Rs. 683.00

Vendor Information

Niwan Seafood
Leather Jacket locally known as Irani Paplet or Chappal has strange look but don’t get fooled by its appearance because it can amaze you with its taste and meat quality. It has tough thick skin that is why its called leather jacket. If you notice the image gallery of leather jacket fish, you will notice that it has brilliant looking meat with firm pinking texture. people who love this fish tell us that it has unique juicy flavor and the meat somehow resembles to chicken breast . This fish is at it best when deep fried or grilled with desi herbs and spices. Because of its white and tender meat, the fillet of Irani Paplet are also being consumed at leading local restaurants. Although Leather Jacket Fish is not very abundant at Karachi Fish Harbour but it some how manages the demand requirements.
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Brand Niwan Seafood
Delivery Area Karachi Only
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