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Feature Phones

Feature Phone In Pakistan

It's a feature phone that doesn't try to be anything more than what it is: a reliable and low-cost way to make calls and send messages, and that's it! Feature phone in Pakistan has always been high in demand. A feature phone is a mobile phone with limited functionality. It is called a “feature phone” because it can perform most of the functions of a smartphone but does not have advanced capabilities such as the ability to run third-party applications, access the internet, and connect to Wi-Fi networks.

4G Feature Phone In Pakistan

4G feature phones in Pakistan are widely available at reasonable prices and offer excellent value for money. Feature phones come with a variety of features that can make users’ lives easier and more comfortable.

14 Items

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  1. Itel Value 110s
    Rs. 2,250.00
  2. Itel Value 100s Sold Out
    Rs. 2,199.00
  3. Itel It 9010
    Rs. 4,050.00
  4. Itel Magic 2 4g wifi
    Rs. 5,699.00
  5. Itel Magic 3 Titan
    Rs. 5,199.00
  6. Itel Muzik 410 pro
    Rs. 3,250.00
  7. Itel Power 700 Core
    Rs. 3,199.00
  8. Itel It 2173
    Rs. 2,299.00
  9. Itel Value 100
    Rs. 2,150.00
  10. Itel Value 110
    Rs. 2,199.00
  11. Itel Muzik 110
    Rs. 2,699.00
  12. Itel It 5026
    Rs. 2,750.00
  13. Itel Muzik 400 Core
    Rs. 2,950.00
  14. Itel muzik 400
    Rs. 3,550.00

14 Items

Set Descending Direction
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