• Hamdard Winter Wellness Kit

    1 Honey pouch: A naturally occurring energetic food for all.

    1 x Sharbat Toot Siyah: A natural remedy for tonsillitis and sore throat.

    1 x Hamdard Balm: A natural remedy for relieving cold, flu and blocked/stuffy nose.

    1 x Suduri: A natural syrup for dry and phlegmatic cough.

    1 x Hamdard Joshanda pouch 32gms: The only ‘Real Joshanda’ for flu, cold, fever and chest congestion.

    1 x Instant Joshanda 5 sachets box: Blend n Sip – combats flu, cold and throat infection.

    6 x Sualin Tablets (strips of 8): A sweet blend of herbs for cough, flu and sore throat.

    1 x Aujalin Cream: A natural topical cream for relieving backache, joint pains, muscular cramps, strain and sprains.

    1 x Laooq Sapistan: A natural expectorant of phlegm. Eases cough, flu and congestion. x

    Rs 900

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