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Suniso Refrigerant Oil Compressor Oil 4GS 4L

Suniso Refrigerant Oil Compressor Oil

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Suniso Refrigerant Oil Compressor Oil 4GS 4L

Rs. 5,298.00

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Characteristics of GS Suniso series refrigeration oil:

1.chemical stability: does not have the chemical action with the refrigerant or other materials in the system.
2.thermal stability: no excess carbon deposits in the high-temperature parts, such as the discharge valve.
3.low wax content: can prevent the oil /?refrigerant mixtures in the low temperature part of the system to form a?flocculent precipitate of wax.
4.to prevent the precipitation of low pour point oil solidification in the pipeline.
5.high dielectric strength: to ensure good insulation performance. In the sealing unit, oil /?refrigerant mixture is an insulator in between the motor and the compressor.
6.the viscosity is moderate: although it is diluted by the refrigerant, the oil film with high strength can be operated under the condition of extremely high temperature. At the same time, in the extreme low temperature conditions, can still maintain good liquidity.
7.no pollution: to prevent the bearing surface, blocking the pipeline and premature aging.

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